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Pakistani generals

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This list has 5 sub-lists and 114 members. See also Generals by nationality, Pakistan Army officers, Pakistani military leaders
  1. British Indian Army generals

    British Indian Army generals

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  2. Chairmen Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee, Pakistan 4 views

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  3. Chiefs of Army Staff, Pakistan 3 views

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  4. Directors of the Inter-Services Intelligence 1 view

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  5. British East India Company Army generals 30 views

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  1. Pervez Musharraf

    Pervez Musharraf

    President of Pakistan

  2. Iftikhar Janjua

    Iftikhar Janjua

    Pakistani general

  3. Aboobaker Osman Mitha

    Aboobaker Osman Mitha

    Pakistani, Writer

  4. Ahmad Shuja Pasha

    Ahmad Shuja Pasha


    Lieutenant General Ahmad Shuja Pasha (Urdu: احمد شجاع پاشا‎), HI(M) (born 18 March 1952) was the Director-General of the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), Pakistan's main intelligence service, from October 2008 until March 2012. He was due to reach the age of superannuation on 18 March 2010, but has received one extension. His tenure was extended by a year, until 18 March 2012 when he retired. Pasha has been replaced by Lieutenant General Zaheerul Islam. In 2011, Ahmad Shuja Pasha was named as one of the 100 most influential people by Time Magazine.

  5. Ayub Khan

    Ayub Khan


    Muhammad Ayub Khan (Urdu: محمد ایوب خان‎; Bengali: মুহাম্মদ আইয়ুব খান; 14 May 1907 –19 April 1974), widely known as Ayub, was dictator of West and East Pakistan between 1958 and 1969. Khan assumed power through the 1958 Pakistani coup d'état, becoming the country's first Chief Martial Law Administrator. He served as the second President of Pakistan until a popular uprising brought down his regime in 1969.

  6. Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq

    Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq

    Pakistani politician

  7. Habibullah Khan Khattak

    Habibullah Khan Khattak

    Pakistani general

  8. Amir Abdullah Khan Niazi

    Amir Abdullah Khan Niazi


    Amir Abdullah Khan Niazi (Urdu: امیر عبداللہ خان نیازی‎; c. 1915 – 2 February 2004), was a former lieutenant-general in the Pakistan Army, served as the last governor and martial law administrator of East Pakistan and the last unified commander of the Eastern Military High Command of the Pakistan Armed Forces. Presided over East Pakistan for only two days, Niazi was responsible for the eastern contingent of the Pakistan Armed Forces during the 1971 Indo-Pakistani War and the Bangladesh Liberation War, jointly with Vice-Admiral Mohammad Shariff, Commander of Eastern Naval Command. General Niazi is still remembered as the "Jackal of Bengal" in Pakistan due to his surrender in East Pakistan. His awards were withdrawn and he was stripped of his honors.

  9. Abdul Waheed Kakar

    Abdul Waheed Kakar

    Pakistani general

  10. Ra'ana Liaquat Ali Khan

    Ra'ana Liaquat Ali Khan

    Pakistani diplomat

  11. Shamsur Rahman Kallu

    Shamsur Rahman Kallu

    Pakistani general

  12. Akhtar Abdur Rahman

    Akhtar Abdur Rahman

    Pakistani intelligence chief

  13. Rao Farman Ali

    Rao Farman Ali

    Senior/high profile officer who commanded combatant assets/elements of the Corps of Military Police(East-Pakistan war/Indo-Pakistan War:1971)

  14. Syed Shahid Hamid

    Syed Shahid Hamid


    Major General Syed Shahid Hamid (Urdu: سید شاہد حامد‎) HJ (17 September 1910 – 12 March 1993) was a 2 star general in the Pakistan Army and a close associate of President Field Marshal Ayub Khan who played an important and an instrumental role in bringing Field Marshal Ayub Khan to power in the 1958 coup d'état that overthrew the government of President Major-General Iskander Mirza. Major General Syed Shahid Hamid was the first Master General of Ordnance (MGO) of Pakistan Army. A descendant of Amir Kulal, General Shahid Hamid was an inside player in the crucial months during Independence in 1947. A veteran intelligence officer, he authored numerous books, notably the Autobiography of a General which was last published in 1965. His other books are "Courage is a Weapon", "Early Years of Pakistan" and "So they Rode and Fought".

  15. Zahid Ali Akbar Khan

    Zahid Ali Akbar Khan

    Pakistani general and engineering officer

  16. Khalid Shameem Wynne

    Khalid Shameem Wynne

    pakistani general

  17. Zahirul Islam Abbasi

    Zahirul Islam Abbasi

    Pakistani Army commander

  18. Mian Ghulam Jilani

    Mian Ghulam Jilani

    British Indian general

  19. Shamim Alam Khan

    Shamim Alam Khan


    Shamim Alam Khan, NI(M), SJ, SBt, (born 1937) is a retired four-star rank general in the Pakistan Army who served as the Supreme Commandant of the Pakistan Defense Forces as Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee from 1991 to 1994. A former member of the Special Service Group, Khan also commanded the II Corps at Multan and XXXI Corps at Bahawalpur and was the Chief of General Staff (CGS) at the Army GHQ.

  20. Jamshed Gulzar Kiani

    Jamshed Gulzar Kiani


    Lieutenant-General Jamshed Gulzar Kiani (July 20, 1944 – November 1, 2008) was a Pakistan Army intelligence officer and the former Colonel Commandant of the X Corps and Baloch Regiment. An illustrative and long career army and intelligence officer, Kiani came into limelight when he had served as Director-General of the Pakistan Army's Military Intelligence and the commander of the X Corps. Having remembered as an upright and an honest officer during his military career, Kiani had served as a chairman of Federal Public Service Commission during the General Musharraf's regime and had to leave when he, and the then Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz developed differences.

  21. Jehangir Karamat

    Jehangir Karamat

    Pakistani diplomat

  22. Naseerullah Babar

    Naseerullah Babar

    Pakistani general/politician

  23. Yahya Khan

    Yahya Khan


    Agha Yahya Khan (Urdu: آغا محمد یحیی خان; February 4, 1917 – August 10 1980), also known as Yahya, was a four-star rank general, military leader, and statesman who served as the third President of Pakistan from 1969 until the fall of East-Pakistan as a follow-up to Pakistan's defeat in the war with India in 1971. Serving with distinction in World War II as a British Indian Army officer, Yahya opted for Pakistan in 1947 and held critical command assignments.

  24. Javed Ashraf Qazi

    Javed Ashraf Qazi

    Pakistani general

  25. Khalid Mahmud Arif

    Khalid Mahmud Arif

    Pakistani general

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Pakistani generals
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