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  1. Johannes Gutenberg

    Johannes Gutenberg

    German, Designer

  2. Nicholas Hilliard

    Nicholas Hilliard


    Nicholas Hilliard (c. 1547 – 7 January 1619) was an English goldsmith and limner best known for his portrait miniatures of members of the courts of Elizabeth I and James I of England. He mostly painted small oval miniatures, but also some larger cabinet miniatures, up to about ten inches tall, and at least two famous half-length panel portraits of Elizabeth. He enjoyed continuing success as an artist, and continuing financial troubles, for forty-five years. His paintings still exemplify the visual image of Elizabethan England, very different from that of most of Europe in the late sixteenth century. Technically he was very conservative by European standards, but his paintings are superbly executed and have a freshness and charm that has ensured his continuing reputation as "the central artistic figure of the Elizabethan age, the only English painter whose work reflects, in its delicate microcosm, the world of Shakespeare's earlier plays."

  3. Benvenuto Cellini

    Benvenuto Cellini

    Italian, Painter

  4. Christopher Bechtler

    Christopher Bechtler

    German American Jeweler and Producer of first Gold Dollar

  5. Erik August Kollin

    Erik August Kollin


    Erik August Kollin (1836-1901) was born in Finland, where he completed his apprenticeship before travelling to St. Petersburg. Qualified as workmaster in 1868, in 1870 opened his own workshop in St. Petersburg. Kollin worked for August Holmström and for Carl Fabergé, and was soon put in charge of all Fabergé workshops, a post he held until 1886 when he was replaced by Michael Perkhin. He was Fabergé's first chief jeweler. Specialized in gold and silver articles, most of them in an archaic style of the period. The artefacts produced Kollin for Fabergé before his departure in 1886 generally bears his initials EK, together with Fabergé's hallmark and are frequently to be found in a Fabergé box. Evidently these pre-date the change of hallmarks in 1899. Objects bearing EK mark oly and produced between 1885 and 1899 should be considered as the work of an independent operator, unless cased by Fabergé.

  6. Robert Stone (silversmith)

    Robert Stone (silversmith)

    British goldsmith

  7. Elizabeth Gage

    Elizabeth Gage


    Elizabeth Gage is a jewellery designer and trained master Goldsmith that has been creating collectable jewellery for over 40 years.

  8. Ahmad bin Ibrahim Badr

    Ahmad bin Ibrahim Badr


  9. Agathangjel Mbrica

    Agathangjel Mbrica

    Albanian, Artist

  10. Richard Shaw Brown

    Richard Shaw Brown

    American musician

  11. Nicholas of Verdun

    Nicholas of Verdun

    French, Artist

  12. Claudius Ash

    Claudius Ash


    Claudius Ash (1792–1854) was an English goldsmith and dental manufacturer.

  13. August Frederik Hollming

    August Frederik Hollming


    August Frederik Hollming (or Golming), Finnish and Russian silver- and goldsmith, Fabergé workmaster. Born in 1854 in Loppi, Finland as a son of a bookkeeper Anders Gustaf Hollming of Loviisa and of Katarina Petterson. Was apprenticed to the goldsmith Karl F. Ekholm in Helsinki at the beginning of the 1870s years. In 1876 he settled in St.Petersburg and registered as a goldworker. In 1880 qualified as master and opened his workshop at 35 Kazanskaya Street and was hired by Fabergé soon. Had 3 sons from Erika G. Abrahamsson. In 1900 the Hollming workshop moved to 24 Bolshaya Morskaya under the same roof as Fabergé. In 1913 ran the workshop together with Otto Hanhinen, his father's assistant. Produced mostly cigarette-cases in silver, gold and enamel, miniature Easter Eggs and small gem-set, enameled jewels such as cuff-links, brooches and pins. Many times produced these objects to the House of Fabergé.

  14. Anton Koberger

    Anton Koberger


    Anton Koberger (c. 1440/1445 – 3 October 1513) was the German goldsmith, printer and publisher who printed and published the Nuremberg Chronicle, a landmark of incunabula, and was a successful bookseller of works from other printers. He established in 1470 the first printing house in Nuremberg.

  15. Theophilus Presbyter

    Theophilus Presbyter

    Monk and writer

  16. Alfred Gilbert

    Alfred Gilbert

    British artist

  17. Antonio del Pollaiolo

    Antonio del Pollaiolo

    Italian, Painter

  18. Paul de Lamerie

    Paul de Lamerie


    Paul de Lamerie (9 April 1688–1 August 1751) was an English silversmith. The Victoria and Albert Museum describes him as the "greatest silversmith working in England in the 18th century". Though his mark raises the market value of silver, his output was large and not all his pieces are outstanding. The volume of work bearing De Lamerie's mark makes it almost certain that he subcontracted orders to other London silversmiths before applying his own mark.

  19. Alan of Walsingham

    Alan of Walsingham

    British, Architect

  20. Lee H. Letts

    Lee H. Letts

    artist and sculptor

  21. Lorenzo Ghiberti

    Lorenzo Ghiberti


    Lorenzo Ghiberti (1378 – 1 December 1455), born Lorenzo di Bartolo, was an Italian artist of the early Renaissance best known for works in sculpture and metalworking.

  22. Edmund Shaa

    Edmund Shaa


    Sir Edmund Shaa (born Mottram in Longdendale, Cheshire, died London 20 April 1488) was a goldsmith, and Lord Mayor of London in 1482–83. Shaa lent money to Edward IV and, as mayor (at least), was extensively involved in the coronation of Edward IV’s brother Richard III. He was later knighted and made a member of the Privy Council. Amongst numerous legacies on his death was a sum to found Stockport Grammar School. He is commemorated by a Blue Plaque on Church Brow, Mottram.

  23. Jacques Roettiers

    Jacques Roettiers


    Jacques Roettiers (20 August 1707 – 17 May 1784) was a noted engraver in England and France, and one of the most celebrated Parisian goldsmiths and silversmiths of his day.

  24. Rachelle Thiewes

    Rachelle Thiewes

    jeweler and metal artist

  25. August Wilhelm Holmström

    August Wilhelm Holmström


    August Wilhelm Holmström, Finnish and Russian silver- and goldsmith. Born in Helsinki, Finland in 1829. Apprentice in St. Petersburg, master in 1857 with his own workshop. Senior member of Fabergé's workshop, he was head jeweler and also produced parts for composite articles. Died in 1903. His son Albert Holmström continued in his father's footsteps after his death and used the same mark, AH.

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